The Autonomous Region of Navarre is situated in the North of Spain on the border with France. Navarre has three very different geographic and bio-climatic areas: the mountainous area in the North, the area around Pamplona and finally the South of the Region.

At the moment it is around 580.000 inhabitants in Navarre.

The cultural offer is quite considerable and varied, due to the amount of activities offered by the Institutions both public and private. This offer has been augmented in the last couple of years by infra-structures such as the Baluarte, which includes an Auditorium and a Conference Hall.

The Autonomous Region in the last few years has been able to harmonise economic development with respect for the environment.

The gastronomy of Navarre is both diverse and natural. Navarre can offer the world, succulent steak, some excellent red-peppers, incomparable asparagus and some delicious cheese all washed down by magnificent wines. Then, to finish off one can try the Navarrese liquor, Pacharán.