When it comes to accommodation the students of Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute can choose between different options:

Homestay: Families carefully selected. The students are warmly welcomed in a family surrounding. The best ways to get to know the daily Spanish routine, the culture and costums of the country, learn and practice the language.

The stay can be:

  • Full board during all week.
  • Half board from Monday to Friday, with full-board at the weekend.

The family is in charge of the room cleaning and laundry. It will be done once a week and according to the family costums.

Flat sharing with Spanish people. These people may be the owners of the apartment. These apartments are not student residences. 

The student will take care of the cleaning and it’s self-catering. It is possible to arrange a room with private bathroom depending on availability and at an additional fee.


Residence. The offer of residential accommodation is subject to availability and is not available all year round.

Hotels. Pamplona has a wide range of hotels to offer visitors. Hotel fees vary depending on the category and time of the year. We usually work with hotels close to the city centre and near the School.

Host Families and flats are situated nearby the school.

The first date of accommodation is the Sunday before the course starts and the last day is the Saturday immediately after the course ends.

Pamplona Learning guarantees a quality accommodation service. Individual, confortable, and clean rooms with study area. There is a periodic monitoring of the students during their stay.

Students are welcomed by Pamplona Learning staff, they are given a welcome pack with practical information of Pamplona city and its general services (map, bus routes, leaflet, tourist information).

Pamplona Learning organizes student transfer if it is required.